NobleTel presents feature-rich VoIP Reseller Services for businesses who would like to become mainstream VoIP Provider without making huge investments in backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research. Any business entity, whether Internet Service Providers, Call Shop owners or independent agents, with existing client-relationships in the captive audience for VoIP services can join hands with NobleTel and start reaping the benefits of selling VoIP-enabled services.

NobleTel Wholesale Voice combines IP with voice services in seamless TDM/IP Telephony package that utilizes our fully meshed MPLS-powered backbone to ensure the highest possible quality for voice traffic. Backed by our partnerships with major regional and international carriers, Nobletel Wholesale Voice, provides reliable and competitive international voice call termination to more than 240 destinations around the world.

We are always searching for VoIP carriers offering good quality routes at the best tariffs available in the industry. Please email us at for details.

SMS Services

Carrier Services

Our International SMS Termination service enables SMS sending to GSM networks worldwide through one single messaging interface. Operators and MVNOs can terminate SMS messages through NobleTel infrastructure, avoiding extra roaming agreements to send SMS to international destinations. Outsourcing these services to NobleTel allows operators to save costs and reduce complexity.

Reseller Services